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Theatre tips: How to Build Your Branded Background!

We are in the world of never ending virtual meetings and presentations! Your office background represents who you are and can attract or deter business!

Blurred out backgrounds make audiences feel like you are hiding something and green screens make your limbs disappear which are key components in building trust. So, what can you do?

Get access to my top 5 tips to building your branded physical background to set yourself up for success no matter the size space you are working in!

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    “Misty is honestly a genius at this stuff and I am not exagerating. I had so much fun building my new background! What a difference!!!”

    Stacy Ennis


    Non Fiction Book School

    What you get:

    My top tips and tricks to create a physical background that represents who you authentically are.

    What is it all about?

    Your office background is a representation of who you are as an individual.

    After 20 years of cultivating my public persona in both the corporate environment and as a professional director I've applied my knowledge of brand building and set design to supply you with some of my top tips to build a game changing background!

    This is an exercise in self discovery, as much as it is learning some design tips and tricks from the world of theatre.

    You will hopefully take away ideas to immediately implement into your space and create something that brings you joy every time you hop on camera!

    No more green screens that wipe out half your head! :) Just you showing up as your best self with strategically placed pieces that express your unique personality to the world!